CDP 1800 Coin Counter and Sorter with detection and printer

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With the CDP 1800 coin counter, you can count and sort coins at high speed. It also includes a coin detection function for coins that do not correspond with the denomination being counted.

You can also save and print the results of the coins counted.

CDP has its own workshop with qualified personnel and spare parts to perform all kinds of repairs and maintenance.

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CDP 1800 Coin Counter and Sorter with detection and printer

General characteristics:

The CDP1800 coin counter and sorter is the perfect tool to control cash, thanks to its capacity to count, sort, and detect coins, as well as print results.

The counting function will tell you the number of coins, as well as their value by denomination. In addition, if it detects counterfeit coins it will also indicate how many are counterfeit. The accuracy in rejecting counterfeit coins is 99.99%.

The machine includes a batch function mode, allowing it to count all coins until there are no more left, or to stop when it reaches a limit, returning the rest of the coins to the hopper. Batch counting improves efficiency by three.

The alphanumeric frontal screen displays the results in a simple manner, so the machine can be operated easily and intuitively.

This coin counter and sorter is equipped with an internal printer, so you can print the counting results. It also offers a computer connection so you can update the machine’s software if necessary, as well as transmit data.

Technical specifications:

  • Detection mode: currency quality detection.
  • Sorting speed: 600 coins/min
  • Capacity of the coin drawer: approximately 2000 coins.
  • Hopper capacity : 400 coins (in the batch stop mode)
  • Foreign coin capacity: 250 coins (large drawer), 70 coins (small drawer)
  • Coin diameter: 14-34mm
  • Coin thickness: ≤4mm
  • Number of denominations supported: 8 denominations.
  • Counting mode: single counting, batch counting, or a combination
  • Batch mode: Batch mode, execution batch.
  • Data processing:

Calculate the amount and value of each denomination.
Calculate the amount total and the value of all the coins of different denomination.
Calculate the amount of foreign coins.
The results can be saved and printed.

  • Mode of communication with the computer: RS232.
  • Identification of functions: self-analysis
  • Software update: online
  • Printer: incorporated
  • Energy consumption: 15W
  • Operation energy consumption: 50W
  • Power supply: AC 220V / 50 Hz or AC110V / 60 Hz
  • Screen: LCD
  • Environment temperature: 0 – 40 ℃
  • Environment humidity: 30 – 75 %
  • Mobile support (optional)
  • Net weight: 40kgs
  • Unit size : 700 mm ( L ) x 300 mm ( W ) x 420mm ( H )