Counterfeit Bill Detector and Counter CDP-5600 Euro

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The DP5600 Euro counterfeit bill detector and counter allows you to count Euro bills accurately. It is equipped with an advanced recognition system to identify banknotes and detects counterfeit bills.

This model allows you to count and detect Euro banknotes at high speed, up to 1000 bills/min. It also has 2 wide screens frontal and lateral that provides reports by value, number of bills and denomination. It also lets you count lottery tickets, other tickets, etc.

It is updatable and therefore adaptable to all the new Euro bills that could circulate in the future.

Valid for new €5, €10, €20 and €50 bills and new ones of 100 and 200 €

CDP has its own workshop with qualified personnel and spare parts to perform all kinds of repairs and maintenance.

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Counterfeit Bill Detector and Counter CDP-5600 Euro

General characteristics:

  • Counterfeit bill counter and detector for Euros.
  • With a counting feature for lottery tickets, checks, or other tickets, if you disable the detection feature.
  • It can differentiate and count bills by denomination and show a detailed report that includes: name, number of bills counted and total value of each denomination.
  • Several detection sensitivity levels:

3D sensitivity (bill size).
UV (ultraviolet) sensitivity.
MG ink and magnetic band sensitivity.
MT sensitivity.
IR (Infrared) sensitivity.

  • With back loading feeder and capacity for up to 200 bills.
  • Allows counting by batches.
  • With accumulated counting function.
  • Intelligent detection of the size and format of the bills, as well as possible anomalies in them.
  • It allows counting mixed euro bills of different value.
  • Upgradeable device, and therefore compatible with any new series of bills incorporated by the ECB. Alarm system with automatic stop.


Counting Speed:  ≥1,000 pcs/min

Size of Countable Note:  50mm * 110mm / 90mm *180mm

Thickness of Countable Notes: 0.075-0.15mm

Counting Display: 6 digits TFT, Batch display: 6 digits LED

Net Weight: 6kg

Power Supply:  AC 220V±10%  50Hz

AC 110V±10%  60Hz

Power Consumption:  ≤75W

Hopper and Stacker Capacity: Up to 200 bills                                                                                                                                                                                             Machine Dimension: 310*280*190mm




  • CDP 5600 device
  • Power CableDetección inteligente del tamaño y formato de los billetes, así como posibles anomalías en los mismos.
  • Permite conteo de billetes de euro mezclados de diferente valor
  • Dispositivo actualizable y por tanto compatible con las nuevas series de billetes incorporadas por el BCE. Sistema de alarma con parada automática.


  • Especificaciones técnicas:
    Velocidad de conteo: ≥1,000 pcs / min
    Tamaño de la Nota: 50mm * 110mm / 90mm * 180mm
    Grosor de las Notas: 0.075-0.15mm
    Pantalla de conteo: 6 dígitos TFT, Pantalla de lote: 6 dígitos LED
    Peso neto: 6 kg, peso bruto
    Fuente de alimentación: CA 220V ± 10% 50Hz
    CA 110V ± 10% 60Hz
    Consumo de energía: ≤75W
    Capacidad de la tolva y el apilador: Hasta 200 billetes
  • Dimensiones de la máquina: 310 * 280 * 190 mm



  • Totalizadora CDP 5500

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