Can I make a return?

In compliance with Law 3/2014, you are entitled to return any item in a maximum period of 14 natural days from the date it is received, provided it is still in its original packaging with all accessories, and the product has not been used or unsealed. If the return period concludes on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, this timeframe will extend to the next working day.
If a customer changes his mind and requires a return, the shipping expenses will be paid by the customer, despite having enjoyed free postage.
Breathalyzers of personal or professional use, as well as personal health products, cannot be returned unsealed for sanitation reasons.
If you want to return a product in a period 14 natural days after its purchase, but you have unsealed it and tested it – decreasing the value of the product so it cannot be resold as new – you will not receive a complete refund for the product. A minimum depreciation of 5% will be applied, but it may go up to 60% depending on the wear or use of the item. The estimation will be carried out by our technical service department once we receive the item in our facilities.

How do I carry out a return?

To return a product, please contact us using the contact form in our web page or call our Customer Service telephone number 919 61 81 84 and you will receive precise instructions.

Can I cancel an order?

You may cancel an order provided it hasn’t been shipped yet. If the order has been processed and shipped, you must wait to receive it and then proceed to make a return. To do this, you must fulfil the conditions set forth for the return.


I have an item that doesn’t work correctly. What do I do?

To send your item to our technical service department, please contact us using the contact form in our web or call 919 61 81 84, indicating the issue.
If you believe your product is not working correctly, contact us and we will proceed to pick up the item.
Once technical service checks the product, if the malfunction is under warranty, we will proceed to repair it or send a new item. If you contact us within 15 days since you received the order, we will refund you the shipping costs you previously paid.
If the repair is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you to provide an estimate, and in all cases shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

I sent an item to be repaired and I haven’t heard anything yet.

Once we receive your item, technical service will proceed to check it. If your item is covered by the warranty, as soon as it is repaired we will proceed to send it back to you. If the product is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you to inform you of the repair cost.


What does the product warranty entail?

The consumer may contact Adtecso in the event of a conflict with any product within a maximum period of two years from the purchase date (period set forth in Royal Decree 1/2007).  The manufacturer may require a report to process the warranty if the non-conformity is manifested after 6 months, as well as in ambiguous cases.
A non-conformity shall be covered by the warranty if the cause of the problem is a factory defect or fault, and shall never be valid if the problem is due to the inappropriate use of the product by the consumer.
In any event, the days that the consumer does not have the product are not included in the computation of the warranty period, therefore the warranty is extended for the same number of days.
Any shipping costs generated in the processing of the product warranty shall be initially paid by the consumer. If the problem is covered by the warranty, Advanced Tecso SL. shall refund the amount to the customer.

What circumstances could void the warranty?

The warranty shall be void in the following cases:

  • Improper use, handling or maintenance of the product.
  • Products that have withstood an electrical overload.
  • Items that are broken and damaged due to incorrect handling.

The warranty does not cover those defects caused by an improper use of the product and/or manipulation of the same other than that required to establish its nature, characteristics or performance. In those cases, we shall contact the customer to inform him that the problem is not covered by the warranty, and we shall provide an estimate for the repair and/or replacement of the device, which the consumer shall be responsible for.
Consumables, such as batteries or items subject to wear, shall have a lower warranty and will be established by their manufacturer.

How do I process the warranty?

The user can process the warranty by contacting Advanced Tecso SL. Once the request is accepted, it is necessary to follow the shipping instructions indicated (certified postal mail).


How do I buy a product on the web?

1) Add the product you wish to buy to the shopping cart.
2) If you want to add more products to your order, click on “Continue shopping” and select additional products. If you have finished shopping, click on “View cart”.
3) In the cart, you will be able to see a summary of your order (product, availability, quantity and price). You can also change the units of the product you wish to buy using – or +. Once you have the items you want in your cart, click on “Conclude purchase”.
4) If you are not registered in our webpage, you must create an account. To do this, simply include your email address and click on “Create an account”. If you already registered in our webpage, you must enter your access data and go to “Start session”.
5) If you just registered, you must fill out a form with your personal data and click on “Register”. Then, fill out your address and click on “Save”. If you have a different Shopping and Billing addresses, click on “Update” and make the changes. You may also add a comment related to your shipment, for example, deliver after 2:00 P.M. To continue, click on “Conclude purchase”. If you were already registered, check that your data is correct before selecting “Conclude purchase”.
6) Select a shipment option and accept the sales terms and conditions. Then click on “Conclude purchase”.
7) Check your order and choose a payment method by selecting it. Follow the instructions shown on the screen and click on “Confirm my order”.
If you need help, contact us by calling 919 61 81 84 and we will guide you through the process.

I want to buy a product that is “Temporarily out of stock”

If a product is “Temporarily out of stock”, it means that it is presently not available. If you want us to notify you when it becomes available, go to the product and write your email address (under the product description and above the price), then click on “Notify me when it is available”. Once the product is available again, we will send you a notification to the email address you provided. If you need more information regarding a product’s estimated availability date, please call us at 919 61 81 84 or use the contact form in our website.


How do I pay for an order?

We offer diverse payment methods to make purchasing easier for our customers. These are:

  • Credit card: using the Redsys payment gateway, you may pay for your order in a simple and secure manner.
  • Cash on delivery: with this option, you can make the payment when you receive your order at home. This payment method is only accepted for orders shipped to the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands.
  • PayPal: you may make a payment using PayPal, for which it is necessary to be registered in this service. Your order will be shipped once we receive the payment.
  • Payment by bank transfer: you may also make the payment by means of a bank transfer. We will provide the data needed to make the bank transfer, don’t forget to write your order number in the subject line. In this case, due to company policies, we wait to receive the payment before shipping your order. Therefore, the shipping period begins to count once the payment is received.


What are the shipping and handling costs?

The shipping and handling costs vary depending on the order. It may depend on the weight and size of the package and the sending address.

Approximate shipping fees according to destination (without including taxes) 
Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and PortugalCanary Islands, Ceuta and MelillaEuropeUSA and CanadaLatin America, Asia and others 
Shipping and handlingEconomic3 – 5 €5 – 15 €10 – 16 €10 – 16 € 
Urgent5 – 10 €15 – 20 €15- 35 €25 – 38 €35 – 45 € 
Shipping periodEconomic3 – 15 days3 – 15 days3 – 15 days3 – 15 days3 – 15 days 
Urgent1–3 days1–3 days1–3 days1–3 days1–3 days 
AgencyMail / MRW / DHLMail / MRW / DHLMail / MRW / DHLMail / MRW / DHLMail / MRW / DHL

I want to receive the order soon, do you have urgent shipping?

When you make a purchase, there is a step where you must indicate the type of shipping you wish to use. By default you will see Economic Transport, but you may also select Urgent Shipping. The shipping costs will increase by a small amount, but we guarantee you will receive your purchase in a period of 24–48 hours.

Which are the delivery periods?

The delivery period may be from 1 to 7 days depending on the destination. This includes working days Monday through Friday. If you make a purchase after 14:00h, the delivery period will begin to count on the following day because transport agencies have already picked up our packages. No deliveries are carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Can I download my invoice online?

If you want an invoice, you may download an invoice of your order in PDF. To do this, start a session in our web and go to “My account”. Go to “My orders” to see a record of your purchases. In the “Invoice” column, click on the PDF file you wish to download.

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