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Cash Control

In order to offer a wide range of Cash Control products, Adtecso markets different machines that are essential in the daily handling of coins and bills. This varied and complete range of products targets small businesses (tobacco shops, bars, restaurants, office supply shops, bakeries, pharmacies, hardware stores, etc.) as well as hotels, or gas stations, where the tedious daily task of classifying and counting coins and bills is frequently carried out. has its own workshop with qualified personnel and spare parts. We can carry out all kinds of repairs and offer a fast after-sales service. This could be useful in the lifetime of the equipment due to mechanical wear, accidental breakdowns, firmware updates, etc.

Our engineers are constantly working on the development of new firmware versions. With these new versions, our products adapt to the new security measures implemented in Euro banknotes to comply with ECB regulations. We also offer the possibility of purchasing an annual maintenance service that includes cleaning the equipment, updating it, calibrating the sensors, and optimally adjusting all working elements.