CDP 9000 / 9900 / 9908 / 318 Coin Sorter and Counter Printer

99,00 81,82 without vat

The printer for the CDP 9000 / 9900 / 9908 /318 coin sorter and counter allows you to print a ticket with the counting result. You can accelerate all cash control tasks and reduce the number of mistakes.

Every printed ticket shows the number of coins of each value, the amount of coins and the total amount.

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General characteristics: 

The printer for the CDP 9000 / 9900 / 9908 / 318 coin sorter and counter is an accessory that allows you to enhance the functions of the machine.

The printer allows you to get a ticket with every counting result. The ticket will show the number of coins per value and the complete amount, as well as the total number of coins placed in the hopper.

This way, you can count accurately and quickly, reducing the time required for these tasks and the number of mistakes in your cash control operations.

It offers a careful design and is easy to use, making it ideal to help you perform cash control tasks. It also allows to configure its features, so printing occurs automatically every time it counts.

Technical specifications: 

  • Print method: direct thermal printing.
  • Paper detection support.
  • Paper width: 57.5 ± 0.5 mm.
  • Effective print width: 48 mm.
  • Print speed: maximum 90mm/s.
  • Printer head life: > 50 km printed.
  • Power source: DC12V, 2A.
  • Connection: USB, serial, parallel.
  • Dimensions: 193 x 136 x 122 mm (LxWxH).


  • Printer.
  • Power source.
  • Connection cable to the sorter machine.
  • 1 roll of thermal paper.