Update Bill Detector EC320/ BRVEC320

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Update your Bill Detector EC320/ BRVEC320 with latest version of software available. Includes the update for new banknote of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100  and 200€. Adapt your device to new safety standards set by the European Central Bank!


  • Update only compatible with Windows.
  • Always update the device with the manufacturer’s original cable. Do not attempt to upgrade it with another cable because it may damage the bill detector to the point of becoming unusable.

You can contact CDP for this update

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Update Bill Detector EC320/ BRVEC320

By this service we only provide the original manufacturer firmware for the device updates with its procedural manual. This service does not include any further technical support in case of difficulties or conflicts updating the device, and neither any type technical support due to ignorance of the use of the necessary tools or knowledge to run the process. CDP is not liable for the parts used (for instance cables) not supplied by CDP that are being employed for the process that might be affecting the results. CDP only supplies for this purpose original manufacturer accessories. In case of failure in the update process, CDP offers the service “Update Service Cash Control equipment pick-up and prompt delivery” and our technicians will perform the process in our facilities deducting the amount paid when purchased the firmware download.