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Recycling packaging carton

Máquina trituradora de cartón para relleno y embalajes

Recycling packaging cardboard is an excellent way to reduce environmental impact and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Here are some steps to properly recycle packaging cardboard:

  1. Gather the carton: Collect all the packaging cartons you want to recycle.
  2. Remove excess contents (plastics, adhesive tapes, staples, labels, etc.): Clean, contaminant-free cardboard is easier to recycle.
  3. Crush or cut the cardboard: If the size of the carton is large, crush it or cut it into smaller pieces to save space and facilitate the recycling process.

Remember that recycling packaging cardboard helps reduce the need to cut down trees for new paper production. It also saves energy and reduces the amount of waste that reaches landfills. It is a simple but meaningful way to contribute to the care of the environment.

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